Identity, Book Design 
Client: FINE

I was tasked in the development of FINE( an online private membership platform in luxury lifestyle and arts industries) visual Identity and stationary design, The identity aims to reflect exclusive and finest brand personality.

Also, a membership magazine design  containing Art/Home/Spoil/Moment sections is included. Concept evolved from brand overall concept. ‘Duality’ is the key word to define magazine’s cover design, ‘contrast’, ‘complement’, ‘combine’ divide cover image into 4 parts. 


100 Yuanqu Poems

Book Design
Personal Project

It’s a redesign project for Yuanqu, classical Chinese poetry form, overall concept and layout design based upon the poetry itself,  the tunes of various songs. Through this narrative, it breaks the limitation of traditional poetry collection, highlighting the rhythmic attributes of the poems.

Wuhan Jianghu Music Festival

Branding, Identity
Client: Chu-Tian Music Radio, FM105.8

Art Director: Kai Cai
Graphic Designer: Shawn Fan

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